3ethos Branding

The Challenge

Exceptional leaders have a defined, discernable ethos. 3ethos provides organizations and individuals the framework for designing their own ethos through a decision-making process that is linked to essential leadership behaviors. When our client launched this new venture, we designed a simple, yet contemporary corporate identity that became the foundation for the company’s brand presence.

The Strategy


Our development of the 3ethos logo was the key to beginning to define its corporate identity. Using the three main colors in the brand palette that reflected the main tenets of 3ethos, Leadership, Stewardship, and Governance, we were able to give the company a logo that truly represented who they were.

Behavioral Governance Journal
Winner: GDUSA Awards 2020

3ethos gave us a new challenge —design a journal that decision-makers and leaders could use every day for inspiration, reflection and guidance. This piece would accompany lectures and financial leadership training seminars. Our team designed the layout as well as the informational graphic illustrations that supported the Behavioral Governance concepts. The final product has a beautiful orange embossed cover with a pen holder, book mark and pocket on the inside back cover.

Governance Wheel

Our work with 3ethos often includes taking the leadership philosophy and transforming it into a more visual representation of ideas using infographics. An easy and effective way to communicate more complex concepts, our infographics are immediately recognizable as they use the brand’s signature colors and logo.