Winner: GDUSA Awards 2019

The Challenge

PPG Industrial Coatings was looking to get the edge on the competition with their new powder coating PPG ENVIROCRON Extreme Protection Edge, specially formulated to cover sharp edges in metal fabrication for corrosion protection in a single coat. A launch for a product this unique called for the creation of a variety of marketing tactics to promote this innovative new coating —that all had to work together flawlessly.

The Strategy

Brochure and Print Ad

Our approach to this launch included both print and digital materials in order to provide tools for the sales team and reach our audience of steel applicators. For the print ad, we created the tagline “Get the Edge” as a concise and compelling message, and a theme that would continue through all materials. The 6-page brochure took a more technical approach, outlining the application and benefits of this innovative product.

Social Media and Digital Ads

We created social media posts that PPG could use and promote on their social channels, and we gave the graphics a 3D effect to draw the eye and stand out from other content on the page. The digital ads were specifically created for online publications that PPG identified as relevant to their target customers. They have a family resemblance to not only the social media graphics, but also the print materials.


Our video brought this product to life and emphasized its value in covering edges, no matter how complex. This 30-second video was created entirely in-house and is the perfect length for sharing on social media. It’s a short and snappy teaser that drives awareness of the product and curiosity to learn more.