Simply Woodmark Branding

The Challenge

As a Home Depot exclusive brand, American Woodmark has delivered beautiful, quality cabinetry at a great value. With a variety of collections, they appeal to a wide range of tastes and budgets. But the market demanded something more – cabinetry collections that were stylish, well-made and better priced. American Woodmark responded by creating a whole new budget-conscious line, complete with two new styles.

The Strategy

Program Naming

Naming the new cabinetry line was the first challenge. American Woodmark wanted to imply value without saying it. They also wanted the new line to be distinct from their original brand. We proposed Simply Woodmark.


The new name wouldn’t be complete without a visual identity as well – so we developed an identity. A new name along with a separate logo established the new cabinetry line yet stayed within the Woodmark brand.

Sales Materials

Once we had the name and the logo, it was time to share the new cabinetry line with customers. So, we created a sales sheet to educate Home Depot designers and consumers. Then we developed a solution for introducing the new line by including it in The Home Depot American Woodmark consumer catalog.