ATI Website and Branding

The Challenge

ATI was looking to give their website a new design to better reflect their new corporate Vision and Values while remaining on their current SharePoint platform. We worked with their corporate communications team to provide a sleek design and redid their site architecture to simplify their website messaging and make their site more user-friendly. As we helped them update their branding on their website, we also implemented these branding changes throughout other communications pieces.

The Strategy


Winner: GDUSA Web Awards 2020
As we developed the design for their website, we created brand elements such as a textured pattern and photo style. We chose fresh, unique typography that is used consistently across their website and all other marketing materials. The new design reflected ATI’s positioning as a problem-solver and technology innovator, with a focus on stories and images that connected their technology and solutions with real people.


We took visual elements from ATI’s new vision and values branding that we helped develop on their website and turned them into posters for ATI.

Fact Sheets

ATI fact sheets are great sales tools that show the values of their products and processes for different industries. We used icons and infographic elements to keep the fact sheets visually appealing and to communicate information quickly.


ATI wanted updated schematics to visually show the various uses of their products. The original ATI schematics included a lot of extraneous details, such as birds, trees and clouds, that distracted the focus away from the products. To help refocus the attention, we simplified the drawings, added a consistent color scheme and updated the fonts to reflect the ATI brand.

Annual Report

For the 2020 Annual Report, ATI wanted to focus on their people and their future with the theme of Transformation. We implemented a holistic brand strategy for the design of this report where we used elements such as the brand pattern on the cover, consistent iconography, and a fact sheet on the inside cover. For the infographics, we removed redundancies and used color and structure as informative elements, making the facts and figures more immediate and striking. Our team also advised on the flow of the content, taking a more editorial approach to these pages for a bold look that represented their theme.