Shenandoah Cabinetry Print Promotions

The Challenge

Shenandoah Cabinetry sells their collections at Lowe’s and has a product launch each year as new styles, colors and accessories are added to their offering. Our goal for Shenandoah was to develop cohesive materials that represented one overarching brand, but that each spoke to a different audience looking to buy cabinets: Home customers, kitchen designers, and construction professionals.

The Strategy


The Shenandoah catalog is a beautiful showcase of their cabinetry collections that speaks to a home customer audience. Large product imagery features their newer colors of Sage and Navy as well as new cabinetry design options. This catalog was redesigned to be organized by style to help customers find what works for them, and it also includes inspirational imagery to act like a mood board for each style trend and connect the cabinetry with the feelings of family, happiness and home.

Launch Brochure

The Shenandoah Launch Brochure is a great resource for kitchen designers and part of the specification guide to give designers an all-in-one tool. Each spread is dedicated to an exciting new offering, such as a new color or new cabinetry style, using beautiful product photography and a close-up of the cabinetry doors to illustrate the gorgeous details.

Pro Brochure

The ShenandoahProTM brochure was created specifically for construction professionals, with curated content such as universal cabinet design specifications and construction illustrations. A concise detailing of Shenandoah’s cabinetry offering, this Pro brochure also acts as an overview of their exclusive Pro program that offers discounts and other benefits to professionals.