Fiduciary Identity and Workbook

The Challenge

The Center for Board Certified Fiduciaries is a new organization founded by leading fiduciary advocates. CBCF partners with colleges to provide an executive education certificate in fiduciary leadership, stewardship, and governance. They were also looking to provide further resources to assist the development of fiduciaries and educational opportunities. This new organization called for an entirely new identity and important tools to help promote their mission.

The Strategy

Identity and Logo

The look of CBCF was inspired by the concept of a prism refracting light into different colors, as the different colors were representative of different values and qualities that are required of a fiduciary. This concept was the foundation of the triangular appearance of the logo, as well as the development of a bright color palette.

Fiduciary Workbook
Winner: GDUSA Awards 2021

CBCF wanted to create a workbook that broke the mold from traditionally offered fiduciary training materials by being simple, engaging and authentic. We designed a workbook where each page was a self-contained concept or construct, allowing for easy reading and engagement. Concepts were illustrated with infographics, and color was implemented as an additional organizational tool, inspired by their palette and logo.


This certificate was developed to be presented to those fiduciaries who passed the course and completed the workbook. We used the workbook as a base for the design to create a cohesive set of materials, from start to finish.