West Virginia University Athletics Campaign

The Challenge

As a powerful presence in the Big 12 Conference, West Virginia University wanted to upgrade their Athletics marketing materials to deliver a bigger impact and align with the University’s Brand Guidelines. It was also a year to celebrate the beloved Coach Huggins’ 35th year as a head coach. Our challenge was to honor Coach Huggins’ legacy and also create materials that felt cohesive across more than one sport.

The Strategy

Marketing Materials

To unify the look and feel across all sports, we used the WVU hard diagonal as a background texture and the traditional gold and blue colors. Using their phrase “Let’s Go” in multiple pieces showed cohesiveness and brand consistency across multiple sports. These features were combined to create digital ads, autographed posters, season ticket brochures and t-shirts. A special Coach Huggins tribute piece was created along with a Huggins 35 Jersey logo mark – since his old number happened to match his anniversary year, we had a lot of fun playing with the number 35 as a way to recognize his past achievements.