Logo Design

The Challenge

Logos are a representation of your company that will be seen on all company materials, from websites to corporate communications and fact sheets to brochures to social media. The cornerstone of your brand, your logo is one of your most important marketing assets that should stand the test of time and speak to who you are – as well as who you will be.

The Strategy

Our philosophy is that a logo must first work as a black and white mark (considering positive and negative space) before color is added. So, we first establish a logomark that expresses the brand message in its simplest form. We then collaborate closely with your team to ensure it truly represents your brand, and then we will work to add in color representations that align with your company colors. We have extensive experience in providing logo iterations that will work in all communication mediums. Explore some of our logo design work below.

This logo speaks to a diverse portfolio of business products from Northwest Bank that utilizes their secondary color palette and signature circle to represent a holistic approach to supporting (small) business needs.
The PPG Industries “Connect to Protect” initiative needed a logo that represented its capabilities of supplying customers with technology tools to help them plan paint maintenance.
Thiel College’s Regional Training Center logo was designed to appeal to both the university and law enforcement audience. The Center provides continuing education training that prepares law enforcement and safety professionals to anticipate, prevent and respond to any school or community safety situation.
The Mt. Lebanon Indoor Tennis logo refers to its six bubbled tennis courts and works in cooperation with the Municipality of Mt. Lebanon.
American Woodmark Corporation sells cabinetry through Home Depot, and they needed a new name and logo for the launch of one of their new cabinetry collections that emphasized value.
This logo was used for Music Ministries at St. Bernard’s Church and references the church’s history and colorful architecture through the illustration of its iconic rose window.