PPG Industrial Coatings METALCON Trade Show

The Challenge

PPG Industrial Coatings was looking to break from the norm at the METALCON trade show. They wanted a new booth that would stand out amongst the other exhibitors and reflect their theme of “Change what’s possible.” An integral part of this booth was finding a creative way to display their products that would encourage interaction as well as stimulate conversation. Before the trade show even started, we also created unique billboard ads at the airport to welcome METALCON visitors to Pittsburgh and to promote PPG’s presence at this well-known show.

The Strategy

METALCON Trade Show Booth

The unique booth structure was inspired by the mid-century style of architect Frank Lloyd Wright – as PPG was involved with the color palette for the iconic Wright house, Fallingwater, located outside of Pittsburgh. The booth design featured two cantilevered roofs, and PPG building products were utilized as pieces of the mid-century home. We even designed mosaic patterns using PPG’s actual products for an interactive, textural experience, a solution that turned product into art. The result was a stunning booth that captured PPG’s dual ideals of protection and beauty.

METALCON Airport Ads

PPG Industrial Coatings placed two advertisements in the Pittsburgh International Airport to raise brand awareness and promote their presence at the METALCON trade show in Pittsburgh. We created two color-filled world skylines that featured buildings PPG coated, such as the Empire State Building and the Louvre. By taking advantage of the narrow hallway space, we also used it as the basis for a forced, 3D perspective.